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Updates: We have an updated Gift/Mutation list which can be found HERE
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» Approved Gift List
 Posted: Jan 7 2016, 01:58 AM
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Important Points:
  • Gifts/mutations tend to manifest during puberty
  • In some cases of extreme emotions, gifts/mutations may appear earlier
  • As well, additional gifts may manifest during extreme stress or heightened emotions in adults
  • As a person grows, their gift/mutation will grow stronger(however, some gifts can only grow in strength to certain degrees)
  • Knowledge and understanding a gift/mutation is an excellent way to gain power and strength

Additional Information
  • Some gifts are New!
  • We allow three characters per gift, to avoid congestion
  • Additional gifts that are won in competitions or games can be chosen even if three people have chosen it

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Elemental and Natural Manipulation gifts are what can be known as the "Kenisis" mutations. These gifts give one the ability to manipulate a range of natural elements, ranging from air currents, electricity, and the earth, etc. We have many gifts under this category to choose from.
Aerokinesis (Wind Manipulation):
    The ability to the air and wind. Aerokinesis is often tied to emotional state, and it often manifests when a preadolescent is in some state of emotional turmoil. When first learning to use their gift, an aerokinetic will only be able to create breezes; with more control, he or she will be able to create stronger winds (adults can reach gale-force wind speeds), and to also stop the wind from blowing around them while outside, though the later ability will have a physical distance limit around their body.
Cryokinesis (Ice Manipulation): Oscar Jakobsen
    The ability to manipulate and create ice. Cryokinetics have the ability to not only shape and otherwise manipulate ice, but to also freeze liquids already in existence; they cannot create liquid to freeze, or create ice out of nothing. Teenagers will find it easier to freeze liquids they are touching; adults will be able to freeze liquids easily without contact. Cryokinetics can only manipulate and create, then cannot melt ice.
Electrokinesis (Electrical Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate electrical charges currents. They can reroute and/or stop electrical currents running through wires, and can also make electricity 'jump' from one device to another but cannot manipulate the way an electrical device works or create electricity where there is none. Very advanced, adult electrokinetics have been known to harness the power of lightning, but this is dangerous and relatively rare.
Geokinesis (Earth Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate earth. This gift allows for the levitation and shape transformation of rocks, soil and minerals. It does not enable the gifted to create earth. Teenage geokinetics would be able to handle small amounts of soil and rocks, moving up slowly to larger quantities and less common minerals. An adult would eventually be able to hurl boulders and create fissures in the earth.
    The ability to interpret plants bicochemical signals and pheromones. No words will come from the plant itself, but conversation between the human herbopath and the plant is possible. Teenage herbopaths or those that have just manifested it will have an easier time trying to 'talk' with plant that are familiar with them and that are more intelligent than average plants. Herbopaths are also able to feel the "pain" or "distress" of the plants they wish to communicate with
Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate water. A hydrokinetic can control the flow and action of water; a teenager would be able to do this primarily in controlled environments, such as tubs, sinks, or bowls, though adults can to some extent also work on water in nature, by for example deflecting rain drops from the area around their body while walking in a rainstorm. Hydrokinetics can create their own water or change the temperature of the water by pulling from the water that is naturally found in items and people. They cannot drain an individual of all their water – there by dehydrating them.
Magnetokinesis (Metal Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate the natural magnetic properties of metal. Magnetokinetics are able to use magnetic forces to manipulate the shape and state of naturally magnetic metals; their ability will have no effect on metals without magnetic properties. Young magnetokinetics will also find it easier to manipulate 'softer' metals, and in smaller quantities; teenagers often find it useful to practice on coins and paperclips. An adult magnetokinetic with a great deal of experience may be powerful enough to act on metallic objects as large as a truck.
Meteokinesis (Weather Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate and create weather. Pre-teens and teenagers can form very small clouds and conditions, such as personal storm clouds, if you will. Anything bigger than that can lead to headaches, nosebleeds and exhaustion. Changing the actual weather on a large scale takes a great deal of control and something only able to be performed by adults. As with most weather systems, the temperature of the air will change according to what weather phenomenon is being created.
Plant Manipulation:
    The ability to control, manipulate or animate plant life with ones mind. User can manipulate wood, vines, plants, fruits, flowers, and even moss. The ability can cause plants to manifest from soil, mutate, or revive dying or withered plants. The abilities user will have much knowledge about herbs and plant life. Greenery cannot simply sprout up out of thin air, some form of soil must be around in order for the ability to be accessible.
Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulation): Jaya de Luca, Bronx Fisher, Henry West*
    The ability to manipulate and control fire. This gift is a very volatile one, and young pyrokinetics are encouraged to use only small amounts of fire to practice--i.e., what could be gained from a match or a lighter. Preadolescent and teenage pyrokinetics will be able to create their own fire, but with a great deal of practice, adults can learn to create their own by harnessing the natural principles of friction. They can manipulate the fire into forms – balls, streams, and other shapes.
Seismic Bursts:
    The ability to cause seismic shifts with in the ground, creating earthquakes. This gift does not allow the user to modify or control the earth. The earthquakes as a teenager would be very small and located just around the individual. Once older and with more training, a person would be able to create larger earthquakes and have them felt farther away. Mega Earthquakes are rare, most individuals are unable to create earthquakes larger than 5.0’s.
Thermokinesis (Temperature Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate temperatures. A thermokinetic does so by affecting the rate at which molecules vibrate, and can thus affect the temperature of both water and air. Teenagers will only be able to affect limited areas, and may not be able to accomplish extreme temperature changes; for instance, making something boil outdoors in the middle of January would be very, very difficult. Only advanced, adults can adjust the temperature of water to the point of making it change state (by either making it a vapor or turning it into ice). The ability to create a “weather bubble” around the user and any other people close by. (Making it warm and sunny inside the bubble while it’s 20 below zero outside of the bubble)
Tychokinesis (Luck/Probability Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate and create good or bad “luck”. Those with ability have the power to alter probability, so long as there is a chance that the event would happen anyway. In its early stages, one would only be able to affects the outcome of things such as coin tosses and random card draws. Those with more experience can move onto throwing card games, slot machines and race outcomes. No one has had the power needed to win major lottery prizes though but they would be able to influence the outcome of gambling games like those found in Vegas.

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Below, you will find gifts that manipulate on an atomic or chemical level. Things such as Alchemy, the manipulation or light or the lack of light, and anything auditory. These mutations allow users to change atomic matter or chemical elements that may or may not be 'non-physical'.
    The ability to transform one substance into another (ie: ice to glass). It takes time to build up to transforming complex things such as plants into plastic and what have you. Teenagers and younger are capable of changes such as ice to plastic or wood to metal to objects no larger than a chair, though they cannot always hold the changes. With practice and control, adults can make permanent changes as well as deal with complex substances, even turning iron into gold or rocks into gemstones.
Audiokinesis (Sound Wave Manipulation):
    The ability to manipulate and create soundwaves. This gift can manifest via the volume of sounds around the gifted fluctuating sporadically in times of emotional stress and could trigger intense headaches and pain while learning to control the ability. While gaining control over it, a younger person can slighty alter volumes of non-human sounds as well as mimic sounds that they are very familiar with, though great concentration is needed. As an adult, they do not need to be as familiar with a sound in order to copy it. They will also be able to control the volume of human voices as well as other sounds.
    The ability to perceive spatial distances and positions via sound wave. Echolocators have extrasensory hearing and an innate, automatic understanding of the way sound waves operate that allows them to use sounds to determine location and distance from objects. Echolocators will often either click or use some sort of prop to create a similar noise; when the noise hits an object and bounces back to the echolocator, they can determine how far away it is and roughly what size it is. This allows them to navigate in the dark with extreme accuracy, and also gives them an extraordinary awareness of their surroundings and where the people around them are. Initially, this gift will be unreliable, fading in and out, and eventually echolocators will learn how to turn their ability 'on' and 'off' at will.
Forcefield Manipulation: Jude Perrrault
    The ability to create forcefields and use them as blasts. A new user will only be able to create a forcefield around themselves for a small amount of time, like two hours at most. But with time and practice, they will be able to make their forcefields stronger and protect other people and places for longer amounts of time. The best people with forcefield manipulation will be able to protect entire large buildings of people, but this is extremely rare. Most adults will be able to protect small buildings, like one family houses.
Photokinesis(Light Manipulation):
    The ability manipulate light particles. A photokinetic can control the action of light particles in order to change the way light looks and behaves; for instance, he or she could change the color of light, create 'light orbs' of varied shapes, or intensify existing light. A photokinetic can only, however, manipulate existing light, and cannot create their own. Light particles are also attracted to photokinetics, who can use them to 'glow.' Adult photokinetics can dim light to the point of near-imperceptibility, and well trained adults can extinguish the light.
Charging: Kallista Flaherty*
    The ability to electrically charge an objection. A charger acts a human substitute for a power source. They can use their gift give an item an electrical charge by simply touching it but the larger the item being the charge, the more energy it will take from the gift user. This gift can be used on non-electrical items to make them move on their own, but with all items, if they are charged for too long or two much, it can cause the object to burst and cause physical harm to the charger themselves.
Vaporization: Jude Perrault*
    The ability to disrupt atomic bonds to the point that they break, thus 'vaporizing' an item. In other words, a vaporizer can cause the atoms of an object to explode apart so abruptly and violently that they become vapor. This is an incredibly dangerous gift and is difficult to reverse. Teenage vaporizers will find it easiest to vaporize liquids (which have looser atomic bonds) and will have trouble vaporizing anything larger a shoebox. Adult vaporizers who put in a lot of practice are capable of vaporizing objects as large as a human being or buildings.
Umbrakinesis (Darkness Manipulation):
    The ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness and becoming a shadow easier. The person can surround themselves and others in pitch black clouds of lightless space. Also umbrakinetic can move faster than most people, especially in darkness. Umbrakinetics have sensitivity to light (both natural and artificial) It wouldn't kill an umbrakinetic, but it'd make them feel very uncomfortable. Adults would be able to develop a tolerance to the light where as a child would have less tolerance.

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In this section you will find mutations that alter or enhance physical capabilities. Your usual superhuman strength, flight, etc. These gifts affect a person in a way that enhances them physically. These gifts, however, tend not to have any "visual" signs of mutation. As in, the person is able to "hide" their gift by not using.
Accelerated Healing Brandon Jones,
    The ability to heal one's own injuries much faster than might normally be possible. Preadolescents and teenagers with this gift will find themselves getting sick a lot less often than their peers, and the first and easiest thing to heal is injuries to the skin. With practice and experience they'll be able to heal internal injuries and illnesses as well. Accelerated healers are also not immune to death; sudden serious injuries wouldn't allow time for healing. Accelerated healers with a great deal of experience can slow the aging process, but there's never been anyone who lived longer than 150 years.
Age Shifting: Hal Winston*
    The ability to change one's age and their outward appearance to suit it. When this gift first manifests, the age shifter will find that they can only remain another age for short periods of time. With age, the user will be able to control however long they are the age that they choose, but people with this gift will not be able to control how they look once they shift ages. However, depending on how someone takes care of themselves as they age, their future appearance can change, but their past appearance will never change as they actually age.
Animal Shifting: Robert Greene,
    The ability to take on the shape of an animal while still keeping a human mind. Contact does not need to be made with the animal before shifting though familiarity is always helpful. Shifting also becomes more difficult as the size of the animal increases (ie, cats are far easier than bears.) While learning to use this ability, the less experienced are prone to random shifting during times of emotion stress as well as tiring easily between transformations. An experienced shifter will be able to hold the animal form for days at a time.
Appearance Alteration: Dwayne Donohue-Carlson
    The ability to alter one's physical appearance. New users will find that they will only be able to modify small things about their outward look, such as the shape of their nose or the color of their hair, eyes or skin. As they practice their gift, the user will be able to 'shape shift' their appearance to look like an other person entirely besides the shape and size of their body. However, with this gift, one will not be able to make themselves an exact clone of anyone else like biological mimicry.
Biological Mimicry: Dakota March*
    The ability to transform into another sentient living organism(Humans and animals). In order for this gift to work, one must have made physical contact with the organism in question. When first using this gift, biological mimickers will only be able to transform wholly; with practice, they may be able to pick and choose, such as only changing their hair color after coming in contact with a blonde. When transforming into animals, teenaged individuals will discover that there is a size limitation. Up until young adulthood, the largest that they would be able to manage would be animals that are roughly the same size as a medium-sized dog. Also, these transformations are very draining, and for young users are limited to an hour or two, though adult mimickers can sustain transformations for longer periods.
Elasticity: Harrison Blake
    The ability to stretch as if one is made out of elastic. Once this gift manifests, it is hard to gain control of, seeing as your body stretches out and becomes flabby, as if there are no bones in that part of that body. With training, people with elasticity can learn to control which part of their bodies to stretch and keep the rest of their form solid. During times of high emotional distress or fatigue, one will find that their entire body begins to stretch with the slightest movement.
    The ability to defy gravity in order to lift one's body off the ground. The gravitational manipulation affects only the user, and no one else. The individual can then use gravitational forces and utilize natural forces such as wind currents to propel and direct themselves. Preadolescence and teenage users will only be able to fly low, within ten-twenty feet of the ground, and will find it difficult to sustain flight for long periods of time; adults will be able to fly considerably higher and for longer periods of time. Carrying other people or large objects while flying will be very difficult and a lot more draining.
    The ability to identify and alter problems with the human physiology. A preadolescence or teenage healer would find themselves able to heal only surface injuries, injuries that they could see, such as lacerations and bruises; as they grow older, they'll be able to search out, identify, and heal internal injuries. Healers do not have an innate knowledge of human anatomy, and it's highly suggested that they study it before they attempt to heal anything internal on another human being.
Inorganic Shifting:
    The ability to transform completely into an inorganic substance while retaining organic properties. Individuals can transform their body into metal, plastic, and anything man made . Teenagers and younger are capable of changes for short periods of time. With practice and control, adults can shift for long periods of time.
Invisibility: Prudence Kerrigan
    The ability to render themselves invisible. Pre-adolescents and teenagers will have trouble controlling when they go invisible. As a person grows older and more controlled, unwanted invisibility is done away with. However, no matter the level of control, clothes do not go invisible with their wearer but the person would be able to maintain the invisibility for a long period of time.
Invulnerability: Brandon Jones*, Grady Park*
    The inability to be physically harmed. While there is no outward alteration to the human physiology of an individual with invulnerability, they cannot be injured; their bones will not break, their skin will resist laceration, and they cannot be burned or fall victim to frostbite. They will, however, feel pain; for instance, if an individual sticks his hand into a fire, while his skin will not suffer, he will feel the full effect of the fire just as anyone else would. This gift is unreliable after it firsts manifests; some things will cause injury, and others will not. With age and practice, a young adult will be able to withstand any injury.
Laser Vision
    The ability to intensify their vision, and make it laserous, of sorts. A person with laser vision will be able to cut through materials, such as paper, plastic, and eventually glass and metal using the intensity of their vision. As this gift first manifests, laser vision is hard to control and turn off. They will only be able to create an intensity strong enough to cut through thin plastic and paper, as well as clothes. As one gains control, they will eventually be able to burn through metals, woods, and other thicker and stronger materials. They will also gain more control over their gift, and will have an easier time turning it on and off. Extensive use will cause strong migraines and pressure behind the eyes.
Organic Shifting
    The ability to transform completely into an organic substance(such as ivy, fungi, dirt, and other natural substances) while retaining human-like properties. Individuals can transform their body into plant life, terrain (such as dirt, sand, ice, etc), and other natural substances . Teenagers and younger are capable of changes for short periods of time. With practice and control, adults can shift for long periods of time.
Phasing: Prudence Kerrigan*
    Phasers are capable of making their physical bodies intangible--i.e., sublimating the physical particles while retaining the appearance of solidity, thus allowing them to pass through physical objects unhindered. Preadolescent and teenage phasers will have difficulty maintaining an intangible state, and may find themselves 'stuck' in physical objects temporarily (though this will not harm them, as the particles of the object will make room for the particles of their body, thus temporarily making them literally a part of the object – for example having half of your body in the wall and half outside of the wall.)
Reactive Evolution:
    The ability to allow one's body to adapt over a short period (20-mins to an hour for adults, 1 to ten minutes for children and teens) to outside stimuli. An example would be growing gills when submerged for a long period, or becoming fire retardant in an inferno. As a child, the mutation takes less time, but reacts to weaker stimuli (E.G. a cold wind could cause a fur coat to warm your body), and also last for a shorter period in optimal conditions. An adult takes longer to mutate, but can 'choose' their mutation (I.E. rather than a full fur coat, a shorter warmth catching hair growth on extremities). It also takes longer for optimal conditions to return them to Human.
Self Duplication:
    The ability to create temporary clones of oneself. When this first manifests, self-duplicators will only be able to create one clone. Clones also can also only exist within a limited distance of the duplicator's original body, and teenage duplicators may have trouble directing their clones to do complicated tasks, as all duplications require conscious control. Adult duplicators will be able to create multiple clones, and with experience will be able to have their clones complete tasks.
Size Shifting: Hal Winston
    This ability allows the gifted to change their size, obviously. Younger individuals with this gift may find themselves very limited in how far they can grow or shrink as well as how long they can hold an altered size.
Superhuman Speed: Grady Park
    The ability to accelerate under one's own power to speeds greater than normal for a human being. When it first manifests, this gift will be very unreliable; speeders may find themselves unintentionally accelerating to highway speeds, or be unable to accelerate when they mean to. With control, speeders will be able to not only accelerate at will but also to control the extent to which they speed up; teenagers will only have two speeds: normal and abnormally fast. Adults will be able to speed up at very subtle increments. Stopping can also be a problem for teenagers and will crash into things until more experience is gained.
Superhuman Strength:Brandon Jones
    Put simply, this gives the gifted immense strength. The main problem lies in being able to gauge one’s strength and learning to harness it. The inexperienced may find themselves constantly breaking things that they are trying to work with and throwing objects a lot harder than intended. As an adult, some have reached a point of being able to lift 1,000x’s their own weight.
Teleportation: Adelia Winston*, Sebastian Constantine*,
    The ability to spontaneously and instantly transport oneself from one place to another. Preadolescent and teenage teleporters will find that they have the most difficulty with 'aim,' sometimes 'landing' in places they didn't mean to teleport too; they can also have difficulty teleporting on cue at first. Teleporters should take care to only teleport to places they're familiar with, so as to avoid landing inside objects, which can be painful and messy. Experienced teleporters will be able to not only teleport themselves but also others, as long as they know where they are going.
X-Ray Vision
    The ability to see through various materials and substances with ones eyes and mind. To use this gift, one must turn it "on" of sorts, with concentration. At first, when the gift manifests, the child will only be able to see through thinner substances and materials, such as linens and vicious, opaque liquids. As one gains more experience, they will be able to see through thicker and more solid materials, such as layers of the human body, walls, and various metals. Once a person has a firm control on their gift, they will be able to pick and choose how deep they will be ale to see through, as well as how many layers(such as looking through a body) they wish to look through.

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Below you will find gifts of enhanced mental capability. These mutations allow the person with them to control many a thing with their mind. Examples are Telekenisis and Astral Projection. These gifts require concentration to master, and can be some of the most powerful when done so.
Ability Replication:
    The ability to replicate any power that another individual has. Physical contact must be made in order for the person to be able to replicate. As a teenager the individual will only be able to replicate the powers for short periods of time, an hour or two at the most. With practice and experience an adult will be able to replicate the power for longer periods of time, possible for a long as a few days.
Ageless: Nathaniel Beckett, Henry West
    The inability to age beyond a certain point. First manifesting at the beginning of puberty, the physical aging process slows, so that at 20, most ageless look to be around 15, and cut off physical signs of aging entirely at a look of 18 to 21 or actual age of roughly 30. The subject is essentially 21 forever, with the virility, strength and endurance of youth. The mind will also usually remain strong as the cells do not die off as they age. On the other hand, there is no chance they will not outlive their loved one, barring violent intercession. Of course, these people are not immortal.
    The ability to make inanimate objects move, apparently of their own will. People with this gift will be able to treat objects as if they are their own puppets, and younger users will find that their gift will come as they're playing with toys as they move on their own. Organic materials will be easier to work with, but teenagers aren't able to move anything bigger than a coat rack.
Astral Projection:
    The ability to project one's conscious form outside of their own body. While doing this, the projector's body will still be alive and breating, but in a functioning, coma like state. Their projected form is not touchable, and will float like a ghost. This gift manifests as if it is aural sleep-walking but new users will find diffculty controlling it when they're asleep. With practice, one will control their astral form's appearance, but the projection will never become its own physical state.
New! Attraction Manipulation:
    This mutation gives a person the ability to control attraction levels in others with simple touches. Unlike emotional manipulation, attraction manipulation controls more than a persons emotions. Not only does it give the person affected emotional feelings of lust and love, it does so physically. For example, this gift can raise or lower hormones such as testosterone and estrogen to compliment the users at a chemical level, as well as raising levels of serotonin and dopamine at will. This give the person affected intense feelings of lust and love, physically, mentally and emotionally. As this gift has become more known, users have been under scrutiny in instances of non-consensual physical and sexual instances. Users use at risk, as someone affected knows they're under the influence of someone else.
    The ability to tell exactly what is happening in other places at the present time. They can't see into the future and new users will have trouble getting more than just small pieces that they won't be able to put into real context. They will be more likely to envision places and people have connections to. This gift will kick in at random, but with time they'll be able to seek and block visions.
Dream Manipulation:
    The ability to manipulate the dreams of others but only when other people are asleep. While young the individual would only be able to manipulate small aspects of the dreams – specifically related to them. How they appear in the other person’s dream, clothing, hair..those kind of things. With more practice the user would be able to create worlds, change how others appear and even pull other who are sleeping into their own dreams.
New! Emotional Manipulation
    This mutation allows the user to control another humans emotions. The duration and strength may vary for those who are older, or have a higher control. Strong emotions such as Love are extremely difficult to bring about or control, due to the passion needed. Unlike Attraction Manipulation, the ability to control emotions is strictly that. Emotional. This doesn't affect a person physically, although side effects of emotional control are common. For example, breaking things in induced Anger, or affection in Love.
Empathy: Leaha McCarty-Jones,
    The ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of others. New empaths will just think that they are good at reading other people's emotions, but once it really manifests, the empath will start to feel emotions that aren't really theirs. New users will sometimes be off when reading people, but will sense emotions better if they have a connection to someone they're reading. To begin with, manipulating emotioons requires concentration for even the smallest changes and when an empath is emotional themselves, they often make others feel their own emotions without meaning to. With time and practice, an empath can get so good at reading and manipulating others that they don't even have to touch others and can work on groups of people at once.
Intuitive DiagnosisLeaha McCarty-Jones* ,
    The ability to understand and diagnose illnesses and ailments of people or animals without having proper medical training. To use this gift, one must be able to observe and touch the person or animal they are trying to diagnose. For inexperienced people, it takes much longer to work it out than with someone who has been working with the gift longer. They will also be unable to figure out illnesses and ailments more complicated then a common cold until they have a firmer grasp of the gift. At their best, a person will be able to tell immediately if the person or animal they’re in contact with is sick as well as how to cure them, if needed.
Lie detection:
    The ability to immediately tell if a person lying, no matter how big or small the lie is. The individual will need to listen to a few sentences being spoken in order to know if the person is lying, as a teenager. Later on as an adult they would only need to hear a few words to know that.
Memory Alteration: Adam Ainsworth
    The ability to change someone else's memory. To begin with, a new user will only be able to change small memories and make changes, like recalling someone's name or appearance. However, knowing someone and having a connection with them will make it easier to change memories. Those with lots of practice may be able to completely erase memories.
    The ability to reanimate the dead. This gift may have serious consequences by using it. A necromancer may make things seem alive, but they are more like puppets or zombies and are under the influence of the necromancer. With practice and experience, a user can bring back humans and larger animals but new users will only be able to small animals for short periods of time. However, the beings brought back will never be fully alive again.
Object Summoning: Vivian Donohue
    The ability to make objects appear when one knows where they are. This gift is useful for the most part, but if the user doesn't know where something is, they can not summon it. When summoning objects, the bigger an object is, the harder it is for the user to make it appear. When one summons large objects, it drains them of energy and gives them headaches. With practice over time, one can make almost anything but live objects move from one place to where they are. It is justed however, to stick to objects in the same building or objects in well known areas.
    The ability to see possible futures. New users will have trouble with this, seeing visions that can easily misinterpreted, but their more true and realistic visions will come as they slee. As they practice and age, they will only see the future as it could be at that moment, but the slightest change in plans can throw their visions of the future ofcourse. Note: If you select this gift, permission to see the future of another character is ALWAYS needed from the driver of said character. Please put a note in your posts where the gift is used letting us know that permission was given.
Projected Illusion:Kallista Flaherty
    The ability to project visual illusions. Projected Illusions as a gift will often manifest during slumber when a child's dreams become illusions and will be hard to bring under conscious control. If a user practices, they can make their illusions more complicated and realistic, but teenage and new users will find that their illusions look more like holograms and are not real. Most will be able to make their illusions look solid by adult hood and make their illuisions last longer, seeing as this gift often drains the user of energy.
Psychic Persuasion: Vivian Donohue*,
    Ability to "charge" kinetic energy within a person's brain, subtly manipulate any person. This power lets the user convince others to believe what they say and agree with what they are saying. New users will need a lot of concentration to make small suggestions, but with time and practice will bet better at it over years. Adult users will be able to convince others of more complicated ideas and beliefs. Note: If you select this gift, permission to compel another character is ALWAYS needed from the driver of said character. Please put a note in your posts where the gift is used letting us know that permission was given.
    The ability to read the emotional energy stored into an objects. Things made of organic materials will soak more energy than plastic and manmade substances, like plastic. At first, psychometry appears based on the user's emotions-- like seeing someone hold an objected embedded with happy memories will make the psychometric happier than usual. New users will be able to pick up strong emotions easier and will have trouble ignorning emotions. With control, an adult psychometric will be able to see the event as if it is a psychic vision or a hallucination. This takes a great amount of practice.
    This ability is more commonly known as the “The Clapper” because of what it can do. This ability gives the person the power to turn off electronic and biological things. The user would be able to turn off a television just by touching it and could turn it off by doing the same. With training the person would be able to do that just by thinking and would not need to touch the device. For biological – the person would be able to shut off another person’s power and turn it back on. Early on this would only last for a few moments but with practice they could make the powers shut off for long periods of time and would be able to turn an ability back on after it disappearing for a long period of time.
    The ability to communicate with any and all electrical based systems. Simply by touching the piece they will be able to control the unit to do what they want, to see if it’s broken, fix it and improve it. With more practice and training a person wouldn’t have to actually touch the piece, as long as they were in site of it they could control the device and make it do whatever they would like. A highly advanced person would be able to control electronic communication and waves to remote units like FBI and CIA communications.
Telekinesis: Adelia Winston, Jasper Meredith
    The ability to move objects using one’s mind. This gift will manifest by moving objects around during a heightened emotional state. At first, it will be difficult to move objects more than a few inches and the smaller the object, the easier it is to move. With dedication, a telekinetic will be able to move multiple objects at once and move heavy objects like furniture and vehicles, however, only the best telekinetic will be able to manage that. This gift can be used to do household chores easily, like washing dishes and cooking.
Telepathy: N. Tristan Darzi-Llewellyn
    The ability to read another person's thoughts. At first, this gift is unreliable and new telepaths will only be able to read someone’s forefront thoughts. After awhile, a telepath will be able to go deeper inside of someone's mind and find specific thoughts, but this is only found in telepaths with experience. Telepaths are also able to broadcast their own thoughts into other people's minds.

    Note: If you select this gift, you must get permission from another driver in order to be able to read their characters thoughts. Please note where you do this and tell us if you gained the necessary permission.
Temporary Gift Giving:
    The ability to give another person a gift for a limited amount of time. At first, the user will only be able to give another person another gift for a few minutes at a time, and the gifts they can give will be somewhat related to what they already have (for example, giving a telekinetic the gift of object summoning, and vice versa, or a geokinetic the ability to make seismic bursts). However, the more they give other people gifts, the more they will be able to control the amount of time the other person has the gift and what gift they will receive. No matter what, when the giver passes a gift to someone else, that gift will not last
New! Time Reversal:
    This gift allows the user to rewind time at will. However, people have not been known to go more than a few hours back in time at the most. Beginners may only go back seconds, maybe minutes. If going further, the user may find themselves pushing limits to severe head pains and eventually death. As many find through trying to master this gift, the alteration of time has a what is known as the "Butterfly Effect." This gift has a mild form of "teleportation" in the sense that, should a person move between usage, time will reverse but their position will not. For example, if one breaks a window to enter a home, and reverses time immediately after, the window will repair, but the user will remain inside.
Tracking: Seth McGuinness, Lorcan Cairns,
    The ability to track and locate other people. People with this ability latch onto impulses within the person being located's brain, so yes, they can't track the unconscious or dead. At first, trackers can't control it and it may be iffy at best, but they will have an easier time controlling those that they know and are attached to. With practice and age, adult trackers will be able to find people that they don' know, but even the best trackers will have trouble trying to do this.
Xenoglossy(Interpretation):James Baxter, William Mitchell
    The ability to speak and understand languages that are not their natural tongue. When this gift manifests, new users will only be able to understand languages that are from the same family, but eventually be able to understand , speak and write in a multitude of languages after lots of practice. At first, teenagers may mix up languages together or might speak in a different language than their own without meaning to.
Zoopathy(Animal Interpretation): Bronx Fisher*
    The ability to interpret what an animal's vocal sounds and body language means. No words will come from the animal itself, but conversation between the human zoopath and the animal is possible. Teenage zoopaths or those that have just manifested it will have an easier time trying to 'talk' with animals that are familiar with them and that are more intelligent than average animals.

user posted image
This NEW! category features gifts that affect a human in a physically permanent way. Often, they show before puberty and gain strength during adolescence. It is not uncommon for people with these mutations to show anger and resentment to their "invisible" or "pretty" counterparts as they do not understand their struggle with society in the same ways.
Additional Appendages
    Those with additional, tentacular like appendages have complete control of them. Considered "freakish" in the past, these appendages still can draw looks despite mutations being more common and well known in society. The user can control them as they would arms or legs, though they don't tend to have extra appendages such as fingers or toes. They're far more flexible, however, and can be akin to a tail of the animal, or more accurately, the tentacles of an octopus.

Alternate Skin Pigmentation
    This mutation is one of the few first seen at birth. Those with alternate skin pigmentation find themselves with abnormal coloured skin, of various colours or patterns, or often both. As the person grows, however, they gain more control and are soon able to shift their skin into different colours or patterns much like a Chameleon. They can change colours/patterns with a simple thought. This can come in handy for users who enjoy hunting and wish to camouflage themselves, are in active combat, or simply enjoy the aesthetic. Advanced users are able to create intricate designs and patterns, mimicking tattoos at will.

    Large people may find themselves with the mutation of Gigantism. As it sounds, it has gifted them with a large bone structure, appearing larger and stronger than the average human. They also have superior strength, though it is not as easy to control as someone with Superhuman Strength. This strength comes naturally as opposed to an additional mutation. Often, it is hard to find fitting clothes or shoes, and may have to have custom built beds and mattresses to accommodate their size.
    Alternatively to Gigantism, the opposite is found as well. With small, tiny bone structures, this mutation doesn't allow much in the way of strength. They are light weight, and built with a slight, petite frame. Finding clothing is not as difficult, nor furniture, as childrens sizes often fit. People with Pixism have the additional bonus of speed, and features are often more streamlined and angular. They also fall at a slower velocity, and have a natural grace, and are often very light footed and quiet.
Winged Flight
    Early on, as people with this gift start puberty by finding the beginnings of extra appendages forming between the shoulder blades. As a child grows, the wings begin to protrude, rather painfully. Growing over the course of puberty, these wings tend to span, on average, double the arm length of the person born with them. As such, they can be tedious and often have little control in the sense that a cat doesn't often have the ability to control its own tail. The colours of the feathers tend to match hair pigmentation. In recent years, it has been noticed that children born with the genomes tend to be light, and have a small, pixie like structure. This is likely due to ease of flight, by being as small and light as possible.

    Credits: This gift list was created by
    Lindsey and Sam of Moose, Eh
    as well as TheMadHattress at
    Please do not use, we would appreciate it.
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