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» The Winners!
 Posted: Jul 31 2016, 09:35 PM
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Emails have been sent out to the winners of the lottery to head down to Turks and Caicos!

These winners have boarded their planes to be flown to YVR, and on a direct flight to the islands of Turks and Caicos for the grand event and to enjoy ten days of all inclusive fun in the sun with leaders and citizens of North America.


But wait! What's this?! The plane has veered off course. Suddenly there's a drop in pressure, the oxygen masks fall and the plane goes silent as the body of the aircraft plummets into the Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle's mysteries strike again. The pilot manages to land the plane mostly safe, with most people surviving the impact and disembarking of the plane.

The survivors of the crash spot a small island, a tropical paradise under every other circumstance but this. Surely someone will find them, however. The world is no longer large with today's technology. But until then, it's the dozen or so survivors trying to make it on the island.

The only problem is, with the Bermuda Triangle in effect, these survivors have found themselves unable to use their gifted abilities. They're left as standard, every day humans.

These survivors include the following:
    Sebastian Constantine
    Kallista Flaherty
    Grant Henries
    Veronica Blackwood
    Leaha Henries
    Seth Zysman
    John "Dakota" March
    James Baxter
    Andrea Michales
    Mehendra Darzi

    Bonus Winner: Samantha Donohue!

This event will last until the end of Summer, the survivors will be canononically rescued on the 18th of August.
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