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» The Plottiest Of Plot Pages, Horror Junkie & Comic Nerd
Jon Montgomery
 Posted: Jan 5 2015, 03:35 AM
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Ruby Rose

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[dohtml]<center><br><br>JOAN-BAPTISTE MONTGOMERY<br>
user posted image<br>
“Hey, sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to be here.”
<div style="text-align: justify; width: 450px">
63% artist, 20% annoying gamer, 43% proud geek, 9% bad at math. Jon’s always been a bit of a dork since childhood and is far too lazy to change. She moved to Canada halfway across the world for school and stuck around afterward. Again, far too lazy to move back. She lives above the Baby Dolls bar, where the drinks are pink and strong and the queens serve the fiercest of fish. In her free time, when she’s not goofing off on MMORPG’s, scouring comic book stores or heaven forbid slaving away at her job, she spends it working on comic book ideas. The ideal dream for her is to create her own comic book, work for a big name game company doing character art and eventually make her own game based off her comic book. In the meantime, Jon does what she can to make ends meet.
As much as she acts like a shut in, Jon has a small circle of IRL friends she keeps in decent relations with. She’s a bit of a shit friend who ends up ignoring people for weeks at a time before realizing she hasn’t answered frantic text messages making sure she hasn’t died. She has a much bigger gaming family she’s amassed online from simple one time interactions to bros for life. However, she needs more friends, the more the better, it keeps her from dissolving into herself like some sort of slug… if she were made of salt. A salt slug. Shut up, it makes sense. She’s got local family to keep an eye on her though nowadays they hardly do, and an older brother who makes it a priority to visit her when he’s on leave. He’s single ladies.
Speaking of single, nice segue, Jon is currently that with the occasional drop in from one of her former girlfriends Gabby. She still has mixed feelings for Gabby and it’s becoming troublesome for all involved. Though Jon’s not actively looking for a partner, she’s not opposed to it nor any flings, one night stands or friends with benefits. Jon also has an open relationship mentality, not quite poly but she wouldn’t be opposed to that either.
For any enemies, Jon doesn’t really have any save for the occasional teenage boy she enrages online. It’s the best. She keeps her powers on the down low and is not one to use them in public, simply because she knows what happens to the gifted. She watches the news just like anyone else. Being agender doesn’t garner a lot of unwanted attention either unless she actively states it, but she’s run into the few idiots that want to change that, usually by putting something phallic in her because they don’t seem to grasp what agender really means.
If there's anything else not stated above, ask away. Jon is down to clown.<br><br></div></center>[/dohtml]
Henry West
 Posted: Jan 5 2015, 05:45 PM
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All right - so I got a few thoughts for you.

First, I feel like Henry and Jon might know each other vaguely? Partially because I've always considered that he games lightly when he can, but also that he kinda taught his baby girl how to read via comic books and that's still a pretty big influence in what he gets for her to read. Oh, and if she ever did sell art stuff, he might have bought a piece or commissioned something because he likes supporting smaller business people more when he can? I also just think they could get along well. Just thoughts.

Oh, and I have Tristan, who is kinda an entire shut in because he works from home as a hacker/cam model of sorts and probably gets most of his more positive interaction from mmorpgs/gaming because the other option is binding back his giant wings and being in literal physical pain while interacting. Still, if there was ever a local server meet-up or expansion sale he really wanted, he might show up there and run into her. Maybe they could play together a lot in general, though? If they ever got to interacting more regularly, she might meet his sister Amara at some point too.

I also have Jude and Sebastian, but no direct ideas for them. Let's just start here and move forward yea?
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