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» Not A Moment Too Soon, Not A Minute Too Late, jackson
Dwayne Donohue-Carlson
 Posted: Feb 24 2017, 11:18 PM
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Like clockwork every Thursday, Dwayne found himself in Dr. Abraham's office at 3PM sharp. Therapy was good for his recovery, along with his weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and going to church, but seeing Dr. Abraham had become a relief to Dwayne. That office was his safe space; he could talk things out with Dr. Abraham that he felt like he couldn't necessarily talk about honestly with his family and friends.

Here lately, he felt like he was still struggling to figure out who he was without a bottle in his hands, and he felt like people weren't...quite seeing him for who he was now. Like he was still being seen as Drunkwayne, not...well, not who he was at this moment. Dwayne, the business man, the horse trainer and breeder, the family was frustrating. He was still trying to clean up his messy life and mend relationships, and it was hard when people kept treating him like someone who was going to fall apart and slip up at any moment.

Luckily for him, his husband was one of the few people that saw him for who he was now, and had enough faith and trust in Dwayne to let him do his thing without much questioning. God, he was ever so blessed to have Jackson- Jackson saw who he was under all the booze, and he had stayed by his side this whole time. His husband had such faith in him that he wasn't going to backslide...If was at all possible, Dwayne was falling even more for Jackson, or falling in love all over again.

The least he could do for his man, was bring home dinner after he got out of therapy. He stopped at their favorite Chinese food restaurant, picking up their usual orders and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a bottle of coke. He didn't even go near the beer and alcohol. He didn't even think about it- well, not much these days.

Before too long, Dwayne pulled up to their house, right into his parking spot in their garage, taking the food into the house. "Jackson? Baby, I got dinner!"
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