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» Frequently Asked Questions
 Posted: Aug 6 2014, 12:17 PM
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Here at Moose, Eh?, we believe that roleplay should be fun, easy, and laidback! We do not have a lot of site lore or rules, and we like to make this place an RPG where anyone can jump in easily to our game. This FAQ is essentially a condensed form of everything you need to know about Moose, Eh? and its community.

1. Do I need an OOC account?
Here at Moose, Eh? we do not require OOC accounts! However, if you'd like to have one, feel free to create one and we'll sort it into the Member group for you. They're very handy to have for OOC relations and to use Jcink's account switcher

2. Are we allowed to use animated face claims/play-bys?
We do not allow the use of animated face claims or play-bys. This is because we believe that for continuity and emersion's sake, face claims should be all one type or the other. We use real people face claims; as long as the face in question is one of a public figure's, they will be accepted.

3. I don't see the gift/superpower I want on your list. Can I use one that's not on it?
If you want to use a gift we currently don't have, just ask an admin! As long as it is not something that is overpowered, it will probably be accepted.

4. How many gifts/superpowers are we allowed to have per character?

5. Can I play someone who isn't gifted?
Yes! We accept non-gifted people and would love to have some!

6. What are the activity requirements?
We don't have any! As long as you regularly post or participate in the community, your accounts are not in danger of being declared inactive.

7. What's the rating? Are there any limits as to what we can do?
Our rating according to the RPG rating system is a 3-2-2. That means although we allow crude, profane language, we tend to scale back on sex and violence. The general rule of thumb to follow is that if it can be done in a PG-13 movie, it can be allowed here. If you are unsure about something you'd like to do, please PM an admin!

8. What happens if I break the rules?
Moose, Eh? runs on a 3 strikes system. That means the first two times you break a rule, you'll be warned. The third time, you'll be asked to leave Moose, Eh? or you will be banned. However, we reserve the right to ban people who cause serious problems without warning.

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