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Mar 29 2016, 11:09 PM
Jan 6 2016, 11:23 AM
Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, Moose Eh has undergone a few changes in the past week. Most noticeably is our new skin and changes to the forum set up. You'll see that we have decided to merge the City Attractions and Downtown forums into one Vancouver forum, and that we have done away with most forum descriptions as well. In the next week or so, we will also be archiving old threads that haven't been posted in the last 30 days to clean up the forum.

Here is the super duper important part of this announcement:

Sam and I have decided to conduct a membership clean out. What that means for you is that if you have logged in the past three months under any of your accounts, you get to keep all your characters. If you have been active, but you have characters you would like to retire, please PM Sam or I and we will retire them for you.

If you haven't logged in or we have not heard from you personally, your characters will be moved into the Retired membership group, archive their communication threads and your characters will be removed from all claims forms. If your characters have been retired and you would like to come back, all you have to do is PM Sam or myself and we will gladly reinstate your character to their proper user group.

Now! On to the fun stuff!

To celebrate Moose Eh's 2nd anniversary, we are hosting a challenge! This challenge is to boost forum activity and open up our community to new players, as well as introduce some new group plots. Like all Moose Eh challenges and events, this isn't mandatory, but those who participate will receive a prize and maybe some new plots and friendships along the way. This contest starts today, January 6th and go on until February 29th!

First Place: An Extra Power for A Character With 2 Gifts
Second Place: A Custom Sub Forum
Third Place: A Custom Avatar and Signature Set
Everyone: Pixel Participation Trophy

In order to complete the challenge and win one of the prizes, you must:
1. Post in a plotter or create a plotter or a plot page for an idea
2. Participate in or create a game in our games sections
3. Create an open thread
4. Join an open thread someone else created
5. Post in a Keeping In Contact thread that's not yours

1. Everyone is eligible to complete the challenge
2. Everything done for this thread has to be on or after today, January 6th
3. Fill in the code provided below with links to all of your posts in this thread
4. Once you finish the challenge, alert Sam or myself and we will give you your award on your accounts!
5. You can use threads for multiple parts of the challenge!

Challenge Code:
1. Post in a plotter or create a plotter or a plot page for an idea
[url=linkgoeshere]Link To Thread[/url]

2. Participate in or create a game in our games sections
[url=linkgoeshere]Link To Thread[/url]

3. Create an open thread
[url=linkgoeshere]Link To Thread[/url]

4. Join an open thread someone else created
[url=linkgoeshere]Link To Thread[/url]

5. Post in a Keeping In Contact thread that's not yours
[url=linkgoeshere]Link To Thread[/url]

Dec 1 2015, 09:59 PM
Hi guys!

Starting today and running through to the end of the month, Moose Eh? will be hosting a holiday event!

First, the Robson Square Ice Rink is officially open for the season! Watch out for ice dancers and hockey players.

Second, People's Organization for Winning Equal Rights is hosting a holiday party to benefit their fund to assist needy gifted people. Twenty dollars gets you an open bar, a buffet dinner, and a Get Up Girl performance.

Third, children from gifted families are disappearing all over the city- who is taking these kids and where have they gone? Could it be Krampus or a psycho dressed as Santa Claus?

Anyone who participates in the holiday event will receive an ornament pixel for the account of their choosing at the end of the event! Thanks everyone and happy holidays!
Mar 28 2015, 04:12 PM
Meet our tributes!

Aug 15 2014, 02:14 PM
[dohtml]<center> <div style="width:500; background-color:#; padding:25px 5px 25px 5px; text-align:center; border:solid 1px #000000; BACKGROUND-IMAGE: URL(;">

<center><table> <td width="450px" style="background-color: #EEE3EF ; -moz-border-radius: 10px; border: 1px solid #000000 ; -webkit-border-radius: 7px; "><div style="line-height: 100%; font-family:garamond; font-size: 12px; color: [URL=;[/URL] margin: 7px 7px 7px 7px; text-align: justify;">
<CENTER>lindsey's plot page</CENTER>

<img src="" align="left">

<center><i><b><size=14>lindsey. 24. eastern standard time. admin.</i></b> </size><br><br><br>she plays:</i><br>adam ainsworth<br>adelia winston<br>balthazar graham<br>grant henries<br>jaya deluca<br><br>notes:<br><br><ul>
i work in retail and my hours are unsteady, but i will try to reply to you as quickly as i can!<br><br>
if i haven't posted to you in 4 or more days, feel free to remind me!<br><br>
if you'd like to thread or plot with me, please PM me on my admin account or PM me for my personal messengers. I have AIM, Skype, Gtalk, and LINE<br><br><br>

<img src="" align="left">

<center><i><size=14><b> adam ainsworth the third </b></i><br>faceclaim: jensen ackles<br>gift: memory alteration <br>relationship status: taken, dating vivian donohue<br><a href="">voicemail</a> | <a href="">texts</a><br><br>adam is looking for:</i><br><br>For Adam, I'd like to develop some friendships, enemies and I'd also like to explore his work as a CSIS agent. I'd like to see him create or at least help develop a pro-gifted rights group, something akin the NAACP or GLAAD. He's a pretty friendly, laid back guy, and he usually comes with two adorable little boys, Michael and Carter. Also, he has junk food.

<img src="" align="left">

<center><i><size=14><b> adelia winston </b></i><br>faceclaim: minka kelly<br>gifts: telekinesis & teleportation <br>relationship status: taken, married to hal winston<br><a href="">voicemail</a> | <a href="">texts</a><br><br>addy is looking for:</i><br><br>Addy is a sweet, ambitious woman who is currently struggling with wanting to excel with her career and take good care of her family at the same time. I really want to explore what she's like as a celebrity of sorts, and how she handles her fame while maintaining some resemblance of a normal life. I'd like to gain some close friends and enemies for her, if possible.
</ul> </center>

<img src="" align="left">

<center><i><size=14><b> balthazar graham </b></i><br>faceclaim: benedict cumberbatch<br>not gifted <br>relationship status: single<br><a href="">voicemail</a> | <a href="">texts</a><br><br>balthazar is looking for:</i><br><br>Balthy...Balthy needs more people to piss off. And kill and eat. And maybe someone to hook up with. I want to cause more chaos with him before he finally gets killed himself or gets caught and dragged off to prison.
</ul> </center>

<img src="" align="left">

<center><i><size=14><b> grant henries </b></size></i><br>faceclaim: kit harington<br>not gifted <br>relationship status:taken, dating leaha mccarty<br><a href="">voicemail</a> | <a href="">texts</a><br><br>grant is looking for:</i><br><br>Grant needs some friends. He says preferably people who enable his need to be a homebody and read all the time BUT I say I want to see his ass dragged around everywhere unwillingly. He's currently pretending to be someone he's not, as he's in the witness protection program because of his family's mafia connections, so I think it'd be fun if someone eventually caught on to this or busted his cover.

<img src="" align="left">

<center><size=14><i><b>jaya de luca</b></i></size><br> faceclaim: janina gavankar<br>gift: pyrokinesis<br>relationship status: taken, dating brandon jones<br><a href="">voicemail </a> | <a href="">texts</a><br><br>jaya is looking for:<br><br>I want to see her make a lot of enemies and piss a lot of people off. But I'd also like to see her become a part of the pro-gifted resistance, even if it is just Jaya setting NOOC members on fire. Also, I'd like for her to make at least one close friend that she could talk to about her relationship issues and do girly stuff with every now and again.




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