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Spirit Channel & Life/Death Sensitivity
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Alma Delaney


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Jun 26 2016, 05:01 PM
A plainly laid out website loads into your screen, its background pitch black to make the white font stick out. A large image of an elderly black woman smiles at you, and the crudely drawn ghosts that flank her share that grin. In bold, the words "DELANEY SEANCE SERVICES" pop out above this image. What follows is a brief description.

Statistics show that over 90% of our population carries regrets into the next life, and these can keep our Eternal Spirits chained to Earth forever. Have you lost a friend or loved once recently? Do you fear that they might have unfinished business? Then consult Delaney Seances Services -- this Vancouver-based business offers your dearly departed loved ones peace at mind, so that they might move on to the Afterlife without regrets to tie them down! Fees are non-negotiable, and satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back!

To arrange an appointment, either contact us at "555-3250," leave a message in the comments section below, or email us at Please note that inflammatory comments about Delaney Seance Services will be ignored.
Jun 26 2016, 11:13 AM
I won't go into detail on Alma herself here, there's a profile page for you to read up on for that. Won't ask for any specific person to roleplay with either, as it's much more organic to roleplay a character in situations they're unused to. Instead, I'll briefly delve into how the afterlife works according to how Alma sees it.

The Afterlife & Spirits

When a person dies, one of two things will happen.

1. They move on to the next world, a place no living man, not even one with the Gift can see. When a spirit passes onto the next world, they can never return to Earth again.

2. They linger on Earth as a spirit or revenant. There can be several reasons for this; they could have unfinished business that keeps them from passing on with peace of mind, or strong emotions like guilt, anger and sorrow can bind them to a place or person. In all cases, these beings are chained to their original location of death. Rare exceptions exist -- spirits possessed the Gift in life are capable of wandering, and a ghost can be bound to a person that wronged them.

Spirits of the dead are invisible to those who do not have the Gift. To those who can see them, they are transparent, and their appearance reflects what they looked like whenever they died, including the method in which they died. For instance, a man who'd been shot would have gaping holes in his body, while a drowned woman would be have a blue pallor to her "skin." A bearer of the "Gift" can choose how they wish to be seen as a spirit.

The Gift

The Gift refers to one's sensitivity to the "Spirit World," or the plane where departed souls still walk the Earth. The Gift primarily manifests itself in women, who have the strongest sense for these sorts of things. Currently, the most notorious bearers of the Gift are the Delaney family - once famous in the Americas for their seances.

One who bears the Gift has a special intimacy with spirits and matters of the Soul, they subconsciously share their sorrows whenever a departed person is nearby, and they are the only ones who can freely communicate with them. As such, it's rare to find a spirit that would openly loathe one of their few sources of conversation. It is said that it is the divine duty of a Gift-bearer to put the Souls of the Dead to rest, and this is often accomplished by helping a spirit put their Earthly affairs in order, either through a seance with the living, or some other task that prevents them from moving on.

A side effect of the Gift, something one could say is its great Curse, is the ability to feel encroaching death in living persons. It's an indescribable sensation, and it is one of the primary reasons why women with the Gift are feared by many. There are few recorded cases of a Gift-bearer proclaiming one's approaching death, only for that person to drop dead a day later.


The Delaney family brought to attention the "Divine Duty" of one with the Gift. "Seances" are carefully prepared rituals where a Gift-bearer channels a spirit, letting it "borrow" their body and consciousness. The spirit's appearance is molded onto the Gift-bearer's body, allowing them to take on an Earthly appearance again, for all intents and purposes they "live" again. They breathe, eat, drink, and feel through the Gift-bearer's body. While this occurs, the Gift-bearer's consciousness "sleeps," and they have no recollection of what the spirit has done with their body. A great deal of focus is required to expel a spirit unconsciously, and it becomes much more difficult if a spirit is unwilling or too emotionally unstable.

In all instances, the act of channeling, containing the spirit in the body until it acclimates, and ultimately expelling it leaves the channeler immensely fatigued both physically and mentally. Often, they fall unconscious for hours at a time, and upon waking their appetite is ravenous. This has given birth to an obscure saying: "If you schedule a seance, be sure to bring a buffet for the aftermath."

Though seances are carefully prepared events, a Gift-bearer can channel freely anywhere in the world, though the ease of doing so depends on how far away a spirit needs to be called.

[That's all, feel free to post if you're interested in threading.]
Jun 26 2016, 02:50 AM
"I can see what lies in the world beyond; the dead aren't such bad company."

Name: Alma Delaney
Age: 19
Birthday: September 13th, 1996
Sex/Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity/Race: African-American
Profession: Spirit Communicator, or someone who channels the dead for their loved ones by calling them to her.
Primary Gift: Spirit Channeling, or allowing the spirits of the dead to temporarily possess and mold her body to their physical appearance and briefly "become" that person.
Secondary Gift: Life and Death Sensitivity, or the ability to see the lingering wills of the departed on this mortal plane and communicate with them. She has the uncanny ability to sense when one is near the end of their mortal life.
Hometown: New Orleans
Forum Group: Townies

Physical Appearance
Play By:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 127 Ibs
General Appearance: Alma has a husk-like appearance - pale skin, gaunt, baggy brown eyes, and a wiry, hunched frame. Her thick, endlessly curly hair is typically cut short and to her shoulders, with no particular style in mind. She favors baggy jeans, particularly cargoes for their wide array of pockets -- a particularly ragged tan colored set being her favorite as it matches her brown boots. Just as baggy is her army green cargo jacket, whose sleeves she typically rolls up in order to keep them for danging over her hands -- beneath it is a plain white t-shirt that hasn't seen the cleaners in a while.

Strengths & Likes:
-Focused, fixates herself on a goal and sticks to it.
-Hardy, wounds both physical and mental have toughened her up for life in the city.
-Guile, possessing of much cunning, favors pursuits of the mind.
-Self-Sufficient, is her own self-made woman, capable of supporting herself.

Weaknesses & Dislikes:
-Insensitive, from living with the deceased daily. Blunt, dislikes whiners.
-Isolationist, dislikes people, prefers to blend into the background.
-Lacks Confidence, and the will to truly stand up for herself. Takes her licks to avoid confrontation.
-Eccentric, finds it hard to be around her "living" companions. In some cases, she prefers to talk to the dead.
-Weight of the Gift, and the window to the spirit world it provides has a stressful effect on her, leading to bouts of heavy moodswings and brash actions.

Hobbies and Skills:
-Music of all sorts, she keeps a personal MP3 on her person at all times.
-Skilled at Urban Exploration, or the traversal of abandoned lots and sewers.

Overall Personality:
Alma is a dry, humorless girl who'd much rather be left alone -- but for some reason she always ends up embroiled in conflict. In her family, she's the latest in a long line of spiritually sensitive young women, and it's a gift she's personally proud of, warts and all. Withdrawn and passive-aggressive, Alma comes off as a backbiter, but she's just too afraid to form connections with the living. A hint of her humanity shines through the seances she performs for her customers, wherein she can share her world of the dead with others. Better still is her capacity for assistance under a self-serving veneer.

Family & Important People:
-Her Grandmother: A denizen of New Orleans, and a woman with great skill with her Gift. Long passed on to the next life, but her presence is felt through the vast fortune she'd amassed.

-Her Mother: Recently deceased, but her Gift allowed her remain on Earth and watch over her daughter, following her wherever she goes and offering sage advice.

-Her Father: A widower who tried his best to look after his daughter, but a failing career as an author caused him to give her up to child services.

Personal History:
Alma Delaney's roots go back to New Orleans, where her family discovered that the women in their line would possess a sensitivity to the spiritual world. They made their fortune in offering genuine spiritual seances, and their reputation (and income) soared. As the surge of meta-humans reached an all time high, however, public distrust caused their business to suffer. The final nail in the coffin of the Delaney Seance Services was hammered when Alma's mother was murdered before her eyes by a paranoid anti-meta humanist. This trauma awakened in Alma the very same gift her mother possessed, though she dared not use it out of fear for her life.

The years went by, Alma and her father's lives were supported by what remained of her family's fortune, but that soon began to run dry. Hiding his feelings of shame behind a desire to see his daughter flourish, Alma's father gave his daughter what was left of her family's coffers, and instructed her to make her living in another country, where her family's "reputation" was unknown. So, Alma bought a plane ticket to Vancouver and departed with aught but the clothes on her back and a backpack stuffed full of the bare essentials... and ten thousand dollars. There, she purchased a small apartment in the heart of the city, and took to the internet to advertise her services -- all on anonymous boards, of course. Here, in Vancouver, she makes her modest living... her only roommate being her dearly departed mother's spirit.

OOC Information
Name: Names
Age: 19
How to Reach You: Steam
How You Found Us: RPG-Directory
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