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Yiorgos Henries


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Jan 21 2017, 10:04 PM

Richard Madden
    yiorgos “Gus" henries°

    age° varies

    parent(s)° Grant Joseph and Leaha Papadakis Henries

    additional information°

    He dreaded the holidays with his family. They always asked so many prying questions or looked at him as if he was up to something suspicious. Yiorgos clearly wasn’t; he didn’t have time for any of his previous hobbies any more, even if he had any urge to pick up drug dealing or fight rigging.

    He didn’t.

    Gus didn’t do anything remotely sketchy anymore, but that didn’t stop his parents and older sister’s questions about how he spent what little free time he had, or what his daily activities were, or if he was up to anything interesting at all.

    He wasn’t.

    That is, unless you considered his late nights at graduate school interesting, or how he was spending an increasing amount of time with Becky Todd, a woman who looked like she crawled out of a preschool classroom. His life was rather simple now; Gus focused on school and his job, leaving little time for anything else. Hell, the closest companion besides Becky was his cat, Hephaestus- a fluffy old cat with a grumpy demeanor and three legs. Sure, socializing would be good for him but…

    He couldn’t.

    Not with his peculiar history- he had worked so hard, to leave that life behind him. Gus couldn’t risk letting anyone know about the things he used to do, especially as he was going into correctional psychology. was embarrassing, the things he used to do, the life he used to lead- trying to pick up the mafia life his family had left behind so long ago, how he treated them and everyone else around him...Gus was still trying to atone and prove to his large and overbearing family that he wasn’t that stupid kid anymore.

    So he forced himself to show up for family occasions when he was invited, and he forced himself to swallow graciously when his family asked him tough questions or accused him of things he didn’t do.

    ...Family was worth it, right?
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