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Superhuman Strength & Invulnerability
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Born: 4 December 1984
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Profession:: Vineyard and Restaurant Owner
PlayBy:: Chris Hemsworth
OOC Name:: Kasi
Gift(s):: Super strength and Invulnerability
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Brandon Jones


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Mar 11 2017, 09:43 PM
Brandon was....confused.

Very confused actually. He loved his wife (God he loved saying that word and applying it to the love of his life!) and he knew that she loved him (She wouldn't have married him if she didn't). But for all intents and purposes, their lives after the wedding were pretty much the same as before the wedding. They'd already been living together and their lives had been intwined for years. So other than a last name change and a couple solid gold rings, life was the same. Which meant that Jaya was still trying to force Brandon to be a healthy eater (which he did because all of her cooking was delicious).

So when Brandon came home one day and smelled not only death-by-chocolate cake but lasagna and home made garlic bread? He was immediately suspicious. There was nothing green even remotely in the vicinity, unless the herbs counted (which Jaya had already said they didn't). He eyed the beautiful love of his life with narrowed slits. "Hey Yaya baby. Whats....what's going on?"

Jun 6 2014, 03:58 PM
This is Brandon Jones from Grandiose Restaurants and Vineyards. Leave me your number and a message so I can get back to you. Thank you.
Jun 6 2014, 03:32 PM


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May 9 2014, 05:37 PM

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"

Name: Brandon Jones
Age: 30
Birthday: December 4
Sex/Gender: Male
Sexuality: Very Straight. Ask my girl Jaya
Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian
Profession: Restaurant/Vineyard Owner
Primary Gift: Super Strength
Secondary Gift: Invulnerability
Hometown: Napa, California
Forum Group: Citizen

Physical Appearance
Play By: Chris Hemsworth
Hair: Blond, longish
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3
Weight: 203 (All Muscle)
General Appearance: Brandon is very muscular, even for guys of his size. He has worked full time during summers on his family's vineyard since he turned 13 (had chores before that) and after going to college to get a degree in agriculture business (not quite the same but close enough), he worked full time as a hand on the farm, resulting in tremendous strength and muscle, which is only heightened by his super strength and invulnerability. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and usually a deep tan from working outside. His hair is usually very messy (if it's not cropped short...which it usually isn't) and he often has a light beard or mustache. He dresses very casually, unless he decides to actually dress up.

Strengths & Likes: Math (he'd always been great with numbers and calculations)
Anything to do with a Vineyard or Wine
His physical strength
His sarcasm
His values/beliefs. (not religious)

Weaknesses & Dislikes: His two younger sisters (even if Terra is not alive anymore)
His taste for fine wine.
History (why care about yesterday when the here and now is what counts?)
A pretty woman (not girl.)
Chocolate (yes, I love chocolate. Sue me. I work out enough to work it off ok?)
Jaya de Luca

Hobbies and Skills: He spends a lot of time physically working on the family vineyard even though he is a co-owner and does a lot of managerial things as well. He enjoys it. Brandon also enjoys dressing up and acting high class when he really wants to (Which to be honest isn't often). Lately, he's been working on a restaurant with Jaya de Luca and has been more managerial than anything.

Overall Personality: Brandon's biggest value and biggest pride is working hard for what you have. He believes that NOTHING should be handed to you and if you don't work for it, there is no point in having it. He is pretty sarcastic, much like his sisters (Leaha more than Terra), but he was definitely the responsible older brother type (the words "Don't mess with my sisters" come to mind a LOT) and has been since he was young. While he liked to talk a big game, his chores were always done in a timely manner and he was hardly ever in trouble (unless it was for back talk). He is very loyal to his family (or those he considers his family) and is in many ways the "Typical Cowboy" type, even though he's not from the south (though he DOES often wear worn boots and a cowboy hat). Brandon does have a more laid back side, especially when it comes to women. He believes that if both parties are willing and safe, what's wrong with playing around a little? So he has had his share of stands and "friends with benefits", though now he's in a committed relationship (though she won't admit it) with Jaya and doesn't plan to leave her. In general, Brandon is a normal guy who wants to help who he can, work hard, and be a decent person. He has a secret stash of peanut M&Ms that he does NOT share, not even with his girlfriend.

Family & Important People: Roger Jones - Father - Living. Emma Jones - Mother - Living. Leaha McCarty-Jones - Sister (technically adopted) - Living. Terra Jones - Sister - Recently deceased. Jaya de Luca - Girlfriend/future wife if he has his way - living

Personal History: Brandon was born to Emma and Roger Jones when they were in their early 30's, when they had already been made owners of the Grandiose Vineyard and all that entails. He was for a long time the only child, but was by no means spoiled. He was a good kid, with nothing miraculously happening in his life. When he was 10, his youngest sister Terra was born, and he loved her very much.

Then, when he was 13, his parents said they wanted another child, but it was impossible for Emma to get pregnant again (the pregnancy with Terra had almost killed her) So, they decided to adopt. They hadn't planned on getting an older child, but when the family had met little Lee, a sweet 10 year old with some emotional problems but a great personality, the entire family (including little Terra who loved Lee the most it seemed) loved Lee and decided that she was meant to be part of their family. So, Leaha was made a Jones and they were happy. Brandon loved his two little sisters very much and his protective older brother personality emerged. But of course, Brandon did have his own life.

Brandon started working at the Grandiose Vineyard when he was 13 during the summers, and he found that he really enjoyed the work. He enjoyed the process, the hard work, and the many intricacies that are part of running a vineyard full time. Brandon knew that this was what he was supposed to do for his life. As he grew up, he grew both physically and mentally ready to eventually take over Grandiose. Honestly...his life was good. He went to UCLA and graduated with fairly nice grades (although Leaha beat him when she went to school) and after that started training to take over the vineyard.

Right after he turned 28, right after Christmas that year, the family was celebrating Terra's 18th birthday. He honestly couldn't believe she was 18, and that he'd been only 10 when she'd come into his life. Leaha had actually been able to come home for it and had told the family of the amazing opportunities she'd been given, including one that was in London, though she planned to turn it down. On Terra's actual birthday, two two sisters actually snuck out, getting from Napa to L.A. That day changed their entire world. Terra had been first kidnapped, then used...and then thrown into a rusty trash can afterwards and Leaha had been the one to find her.

The days before the funeral were a blur for the entire family, all of them in shock..but it was the funeral that truly took a toll. In a daze, it took a while for Brandon to hear some of the things a few people in his family were saying...and it tore him apart. Leaha was a part of them, no matter what. And this, this was NOT her fault. Brandon, along with his parents, took a stand, telling those people that there was no way that Leaha could have known what was to happen, and was most certainly NOT the poor girls fault. However, by that time Leaha had already disappeared from the house, presumably to her apartment in L.A. They gave her a few days, before Brandon drove to L.A., Leaha's favorite donuts in hand, to knock some sense into his sister, and remind her how much she was loved. He slammed on the door for 15 minutes, before the apartment manager appeared. Brandon was told that Leaha had moved out that very day, heading for London, leaving no forwarding address. The only sister Brandon had left had disappeared to London, and Brandon didn't even know where!! It was a week after that that Brandon was on a plane to London himself, with the mission to find his sister, and bring her home...or at least tell her how much she was missed.

He, of course, found his sister and also found a friend named Chris who he started a dessert restaurant place with. To manage the restaurant, Brandon called his ex girlfriend, Jaya de Luca (who had been his high school sweetheart and was now an associate in Grandiose Vineyards and a great manager) to London. During the time that they were getting the restaurant set up, Brandon was reminded why he loved Jaya so much as a kid. After finally getting her to look passed his idiotic decisions as a college kid, and after she'd been in a bomb explosion that grievously injured her, Brandon convinced her to get back together with him and eventually move in with him as well.

Now, they are running a restaurant in Vancouver and living together with their dog, Mjiolnir. He is slowly trying to break her down and get her to marry him, but it's slow going.

OOC Information
Name: Kasi
Age: 20
How to Reach You: pm or ask Linds
How You Found Us: Old rp buddy!!
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