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I'm not stupid, I went to Harvard.
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Adam Ainsworth


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Mar 24 2017, 01:20 AM
If this was a dream, Adam didn’t want anyone to wake him up. Here he was, in the middle of one of his favorite forests, about to marry the love of his life, the mother of his three sons, and his mom was there. Adam had invited his family in hopes they would maybe show up, maybe try to patch up things between them; as days past, he had given up on his family outside of his kids being there. He struggled with the thought of his parents not being there- who would refuse to see their kids get married?

But then Rob came into the room where he was getting ready, saying that there was a woman downstairs who said she was his mom and wanted to see Adam. He didn't believe it until the maid of honor brought Lorraine Ainsworth to him; Adam cried at the sight of his mother, hugging her tightly.

He had to be dreaming, right? This was too good to be real. He had his best friends standing up next to him along with his three little sons. Life was good- why did he ever even consider not being around for this?

Adam fumbled with Vivian's wedding band inside his pants pocket as he waited for her; there had to be a catch, right? She was late. Rationally, she was probably getting ready. But she could have easily ran off- he could understand why. Adam wasn't exactly lovable and there was his not-so-friendly gifts and career choice. He had a child by another woman who was difficult at times, and he...Well, he wasn't trying to think about his accident, but surely if they had made it through that there was no stopping them?

He took a deep breath, watching for his bride, waiting for her, wanting her- all too ready to make her his wife in front of all their family and friends, to solidify everything they had built together the past few years, to show her and everyone around them how much he truly did love her…

Adam lost his breath when Vivian finally stepped out of her fairy princess carriage, looking like Grace Kelly.
Jan 6 2016, 11:45 AM
People's Organization for Winning Equal Rights, or POWER, is Adam Ainsworth's brainchild. After seeing his friends and family attacked by members of the Natural Order of Canada and other anti-gifted terrorists, he realized that the gifted community didn't have that great of a support system or any kind of network.

He also realized that maybe starting would be a reeeeally good political move. Ahem.

So, the whole idea behind POWER that it is more or less is an organization for gifted people to come together to pull resources and knowledge of gifts to help each other out. They help parents of gifted children find adults with the same power to teach them how to use and manage their powers rather than sending them away to special boarding schools. They assist each other with finding gifted friendly housing, schools, and jobs, and they provide assistance to gifted people in need. POWER even hosts support groups for people who have trouble dealing with their gifts emotionally. And of course, they host protests against the unfair treatment of gifted individuals and against anti-gifted legislation.

So, what I'd like to see is characters who are either A) members of POWER or B) need/use POWER's resources or C) disagree with POWER for whatever reason, whether the character is anti-gifted or they dislike POWER's political leanings. And what I would really love is some POWER plots, like maybe arc involving POWER's supoort group for adults who struggle with their gifts?
Apr 1 2014, 12:12 AM
To: Vivian Donohue

Feb 13 2014, 03:16 PM
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Feb 13 2014, 03:03 PM
Hey, this is- BOYS WE DO NOT PLAY WITH DADDY'S CHAINSAW DO NOT TOUCH THAT- this is Adam! I'm busy so you know what the hell to do.
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