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Jan 1 2015, 11:27 PM
So, hello, everyone. If you see this link then you'll have been given it by me - either in the cbox or from a resource site that I posted on because, really, I kind of have thoughts on things I want to do with these people that I'm about to post about.

So, for those of you who are new here, I play Henry West and he's part of a band called Get Up Girl. I would really, really love it if I found some people to play the other band members.

So, first thing's first - they are all around the same age. Late twenties to early thirties and went to school together. They've kept in touch since then and started the band approximately a year or so ago more as just a fun project for them to do. The idea is that eventually they get a manager, get some demo stuff out, maybe get signed... all that jazz. I want them to become a legitimate band. Who wants to play with me for that?

Here's some notes:

1. They're a bit heavy political music and often comment on societal issues, some of which include Gifted issues, although I do think they have a bit of a punk sound.
2. They are all at least supportive of Gifted individuals as it has already been mentioned that they are helping Henry with his recently developed pyrokinesis. They do not have to be Gifted and I would actually prefer that not all of them were (and am totally fine with Henry being the only Gifted one in the band too).
3. The names here are mostly assigned because I've referenced them enough that I would prefer the name to stay the same for consistency's sake, but I can probably be convinced into something similar if asked.
4. I may actually add suggested PBs as time goes on and I think about it but don't feel obligated to use the PBs I suggest or to only use PBs associated with Fall Out Boy. That'd be cool, but it isn't required.

Now, onto the actual people!

Name: OPEN
Status: OPEN
Suggested PB: Gabe Saporta, Ryan Ross, Gwen Stefani, Ruby Rose, and Joe Trohman
Instrument: N/A, manager
Personality: Focused and driven, their manager is very detail oriented and super organized. They can be a little pushy towards meeting deadlines and goals, but are ultimately very well meaning and well aware that this is what makes them so good at their job. They are at least Gifted friendly, if not Gifted themselves, and may be very involved in Gifted activism outside of their work if you choose.
Notes: Aside from managing the band, they have experience managing Adelia Winston's singing career and have further plot potential there. They may be male, female, or non-binary - we really don't care because it's honestly more about the personality than anything for this one. Name and PB are also relatively open despite any suggestions made.

Name: Harrison Blake
Status: TAKEN
PB: Pete Wentz
Instrument: Bass
Application: LINK
Personality: Harrison is the general driver and motivator of the group and the one with the initial idea to try together. Harry is a playful kind of individual, determined, and hard-working. His head's in the clouds sometimes, though, and the rest of the band has learned to try to keep him down on earth... and also to stop being such a terrible pervert. He's a pre-school teacher and works in the evenings and nights as a baker to keep money flowing well. He's Gifted (Elasticity), but he's so far in the closet that not even his bandmates know. Still, he brings dick shaped cookies (made with the eating choices of his band mates in mind) fairly often to show his undying love and affection. He's also slept with one-third of his band mates (is it really that bad that he wants an orgy?), three guesses who and the first two don't count.

Name: "Andy" Michael
Status: TAKEN
PB: Hayley Williams
Instrument: Lead guitar
Application: Link
Information: She vaguely knew Henry, Harrison, and Rob while in high school, although didn't run in the same crowd (she was a little too goody-two-shoes for them). She popped up when they were looking around for a guitarist roughly a year ago in the band. Although they were not close to her in high school, they agreed that her talent and knowing her previously deserved their trust. Unbeknownst to them, she was a government agent working to track down and confirm Gifted individuals who was specifically assigned to investigate Henry West and his abilities. Although she has since confirmed his status as Gifted, she remains in the band as their lead guitarist and the rest of the band members are absolutely hell-bent on corrupting her beyond the dyed hair (although it is a good start).

Name: Rob Cipriani
Status: TAKEN
PB: Andy Hurley
Instrument: Drums
Application: LINK
Information: He's a non-gifted brain surgeon who knew Henry, Harrison, and Andy in high school and often played music with Henry and Harrison. Since then he's gone on to become a big, fancy brain surgeon and was in a ska band for a short time. When Rob moved to Vancouver roughly a year ago after a bad break-up with his (now ex-)fiance, he met up with Henry and Harrison and agreed to be their drummer over sushi and sake. Now they have a song called "Our Drummer Is A Brain Surgeon (Why The Fuck Is He Here?)".

Name: Henry West
Status: TAKEN
PB: Patrick Stump
Instrument: Lead vocals / rhythm guitar
Application: LINK
Information: Henry's a pyrokinetic, Ageless single father with the most adorable child in existence (and everyone who knows him knows that - or at least knows that he believes it enough for it to maybe be true). Although previously a vet tech, he's taken up dealing pot (and only pot) to keep afloat. He's a sort of awkward, if friendly, guy who often likes to foster animals when he can. Despite his generally innocent demeanor, he's quite into the BDSM scene (and the band knows it, much to his great and unending annoyance).

Other things that could be cool: someone who could be a manager!

Also, current song list:

"Our Drummer Is A Brain Surgeon (Why The Fuck Is He Here?)" -
"101 Ways To Help Your Fire-prone Boyfriend / Shit, Our Lead Singer Set The Stage On Fire (Again)" - Henry suggestion
"It Sounds Like Love, But It's Really An Addiction" - Rob suggestion
"I Fucked A Person In Get Up Girl And All I Got Was This Song Written About Me" - Harrison. Only.
"The Last Ska Song We'll Ever Let Rob Write (Put Down Your Trumpet)" -
"My Name Is Zayn Malik And These Are My One Directions" -
"She Said Fuck You And Your Bong But I Said Fuck Me Up" - Rob suggestion
"I'm Made Of Duct Tape And My Parents' Divorce Papers / Duct Tape Divorce" - Henry suggestion
"Crumpled Papers"** - Henry suggestion
"Thank The Devil For The Smartass Heathens" - Harrison suggestion
"Why Leaking That Sex Tape Makes You The Ass, Even If The World Sees Mine" - Henry suggestion
"For That One Tame Punk We All Know Rob Likes" -
"You Call It Assault, We'll Call It Hate Crime" - Henry suggestion
"Stop Bringing Dick-Shaped Cookies To Band Practice, Harry." - Rob suggestion
"Fuck You And Your Gluten-Free Diet, Rob." -
"I Liked You So Much More Before You Became An Instagram Whore" - Rob suggestion
"Kung Fu Andy, Secret Agent Lady" -
"Less Day Old Eyeliner, More Lube"
"Three Sports Bras And A Thigh Long Shirt / Transboy Accessories 101" - Harrison suggestion
"Make Like Donnie And Save The World / Cellar Door"
"Let's Use My First Bottle Of Jack As A Piggy Bank"
"(Beards Make Me) A Little Less Seventeen, A Little More Legal"
"I'm A Sadomasochist. Have You Seen My Whip?"
"I Bought The Lead Singer Lightsaber Dildos and Now He Won't Fuck Me"
"Stop Trying to Get In My Pants Again, Harry"
"Our Biggest Groupie Is In The Band"
"Feeling A Little Like Early 2000" - Harrison suggestion

Blank Space by Taylor Swift as performed by I Prevail
This Is The Time (Ballast) by Nothing More
Dark On Me by Starset
The World's Not Waiting (On Five Boys In A Broken Down Van) by Fall Out Boy
"Swing Life Away" by Rise Against

*"Viva La Student Debt" - song and album name?
** They rarely play it and never talk about it. Henry's the only one that puts it on set lists and the rest of the band gets very concerned about how he's feeling when he does.

Note: if anyone wants to say that their character suggested a song/wrote it in particular, please say so.

Idea: After they gain legitimate fame, they should have a "Reject Album of Unnamed Songs ™" of all the songs with the word fuck/dick/obscene language in the title that their manager/lawyer wanted them to change. And then have a contest to let their fans re-name the songs. Naturally, this results in even weirder and more explicit jokes that they are still not allowed to use as song titles.
Oct 28 2014, 01:01 PM
Might be a little spotty. Developed likely an ear infection and it's really bothering me. Getting some over the counter stuff today to help a little with pain. Will post if/when I can.

See y'all.

Aug 19 2014, 01:50 PM
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Aug 19 2014, 01:45 PM
"Henry here. Leave a message after the beep."
Aug 15 2014, 08:53 PM
For Henry West:

He's 30, but is just barely starting to encroach on territory where he is not always carded for buying alcohol. He's Ageless and has recently developed Pyrokinesis. It's a tiny problem. He's a drug dealer (mostly pot, probably some in pills) and a musician in an aspiring band (Get Up Girl) with a seven year old daughter, Belle. He is very much like an excitable man-puppy and a passionate animal lover. Although not particularly intelligent, he's incredibly good with people, animals, and money. He's incredibly realistic, but is lately fighting some of his own fears and worries regarding his fairly recently admitted status as a Gifted individual.

As far as relationships go, he really needs some friends - maybe fellow animal lovers, occasional baby sitters, people who might have known him in school, people who might know Belle in school, co-workers, regulars at that one coffee shop he always frequents... please apply herein. Enemies are less likely, but possible. Some might find his energy... annoying. Or Belle annoying. Or both. Although he can't say he cared either way about Gifted individuals prior to his own realization, it's probably getting more and more obvious to others that a guy looking barely 21 with a 7 year old kid has a Gifted flair to it, no? As far as lovers go - I don't see anything serious happening with him currently, and honestly he's kind of found sex to more be a fun thing than a permanent thing with most people. I imagine most things, even if they do become serious, wouldn't turn into finals for several reasons.

For Jude Perrault:

So he's 43 and an Anglican priest who is openly Gifted. He's public about his Forcefield Manipulation, but keeps his Vaporization skills underwraps. He mostly preaches a lot about equality for all - not just Gifted people. He has a history as a recovered drug addict and also has a half-husky, half-Pomeranian dog named JayJay. He's passionate, vocal, and very outwardly friendly.

Friends are easy for him. Anyone who appreciates his support even if they aren't part of his congregation? Or perhaps people he works out with or people who also attend NA/AA meetings that are run at his church? Or just friends. Friends are good. Enemies are a bit more fun. He's so vocal that he probably catches a little NOOC attention, and so some Gifted people may appreciate his actions, but be more than a little scared to so much as attend any service of his in case the affiliation reveals their gift (especially if they're quiet about it). Some might also find it suspicious that he's sometimes slipped up that he has two gifts, but never speaks about what exactly his second one is. An for romance, he can actually pursue whomever he likes, although I'm pretty sure he's straight and hasn't had all that many recent things because of how busy his life is... and he'd probably pretend he's celibate just to avoid the hassle when he's got a lot going on right now. Still, can't stop anyone else from trying, and it's certainly possible that someone could catch him enough to rope him into something.

Sebastian Constantine:

So this is my 24-year-old teleporting kid with xenoglossy. He's a disabled veteran from the American Army with a prosthetic leg. Currently, he's jobless (there's a plot to change this later) and couchsurfing and kind of depressed. With a history of being in the foster system and then his experience in the military, he's a little jaded, traumatized, and depressed because of his recent life situation... But he's also painfully resourceful and, while perhaps more than willing to be honest about his annoyances, does genuinely try to be friendly with others even on his bad days.

As far as friends, he really needs just some people he can chat with and relax and people that remind him that the world isn't all bad all the time. This is a painfully open section. For enemies, there should be some people who aren't so much fans of the Gifteds/NOOC people, but also probably people who might mistake his misfortune for laziness or might dislike the fact that he was in the military anddd that's all I go. Finally, we have romance stuff. Someone please date him. Preferably a guy, because he's very gay. And preferably not someone who's going to die because that's kind of happened already (he doesn't talk about it much). Please date this little traumatized jackass. I want to be nice to him.

Tristan Darzi-Llewellyn:

So this is a young kid named Tris. He's got wings. No, literally, gigantic black wings with feathers that are very permanent and he can fly with them. He's also telepathic. He's a hacker/web cam model for his own site that he runs. Basically, the only job he can do while remaining safe is selling himself online because some people apparently have a kink for wings. He's a bit... restricted from other people because not only is it very hard to hide one of his Gifts, but he knows that other Gifted people are very critical of him because he uses himself like that to get food on the table. He's a bit of a sarcastic, pessimistic kid in public, but is actually a pretty good businessman and is rather skilled at putting on different, often more friendly faces for clients as the need arises.

I don't see Tristan having many friends. He was homeschooled throughout high school and often kept under wraps because of his wings and now he pretty much believes that he can't win in getting anyone to genuinely like him for him, regardless of whether his wings turn them on or freak them out. So these are probably few and far between. Enemies are by the bucketload for him, because I don't imagine many people find what he does for a living very beneficial for the Gifted cause and are perhaps hypercritical for it... And that's not even considering what the NOOC would do to him if they had an inkling that he existed. It doesn't help that he's so pessimistic either - as some might find that just a general turn off in a friend. As far as romance goes, he's a bit jaded. While he certainly would love a relationship, he'd be afraid that anyone interested in him wouldn't be so happy to date him once they heard about his job or that they would be too interested in his wings (no matter which way that pendulum swung). Despite his job, his personal experience beyond acting very sexual on a camera is pretty much slim to none and he doesn't see this changing any time soon... I'm not quite sure what his sexuality is yet, though.

Amara Darzi-Llewellyn:

So we got Amara. She's Tristan's twin sister and not gifted. She's a paralegal and active in both the transgender community and the Gifted community (the first as something of a member and the second as a supporter. She's something of an energetic and fiery go-getter, very open with people and a hard-working, detail-oriented individual. She'll do whatever she can to help her friends and family, even if she can be quite limited as she really is only a paralegal.

I can see Amara having a lot of friends - probably anyone active in activism, especially in the two sections she focuses in most. She also likes to keep a pretty good relationship with co-workers and people in general, as long as they're not assholes. Enemies tend to be anyone who tries to justify harming others with their beliefs - whether those beliefs have roots in religion or not. I imagine some might consider her personality to be a bit abrasive when she shows her passion about one thing or another and some might just not like Amara for what she does and who she is. Last, but not least, is lovers. As she isn't quite fully physically transitioned yet and, as she's attracted to guys and identifies as straight, often finds herself in a strange limbo of wanting to be with someone, but becoming painfully shy about approaching others and being hurt for what she is. It's not that she doesn't want to trust because she does - she just knows how risky it can be if she isn't careful about handling romantic situations.

Gabriel Tobias:

Oh, and we've got Gabe here. He's a tattoo artist whose been at it since he was about 18 and he works with mostly original/custom people that emphasize shading and work with black and grey. He's Gifted - an empath with lie detection - but he doesn't know it and honestly just thinks he's very good at reading people. He comes from a broken home and an abusive parent in Wales and has been falsely diagnosed with a small mountain of mental illnesses from his gift making him appropriate and feel other people's emotions. He's a synesthete and so he feels and hears the world differently than what others do (sounds also have tastes for him and letters have colors associated with them), but he's only recently learned that this is a just-him thing. He's sometimes a bit awkward, but he's actually a pretty thoughtful/intelligent and friendly. He often uses his Gifts unknowingly to navigate what might normally be odd or awkward situations.

Friends are probably going to be other artists and consistent clients. If anyone's interested in making a tattoo artist, piercer, or apprentice, then I'm totally willing for them to be from the same shop and them being friends and the like. He's pretty chill about Gifted people and supports their whole struggle. Enemies could be rivals in the tattoo world, annoying apprentices, bigoted people, or people who remind him of his abuser aren't going to hold a nice place in his brain and he'll probably avoid them like the plague. Lovers are a bit odd - I don't see him looking for anything serious at this point, but I know he's generally attracted to feminine/effeminate individuals and doesn't really know what to identify as there. Basically, that means he's willing to date women or people who identify as women as well as those with more effeminate dispositions (even if they might identify as male or non-binary). I'm not sure what he'd identify as, but I think him on a date could definitely be interesting.

Dakota March:

So we've got Kota here! They're a non-binary identifying/presenting individual and uses they/them pronouns specifically (but not all characters would know this). They're twenty-four and a youtube celebrity/musician and also the biological/estranged twin of Sebastian Constantine. However, they were adopted and are currently unaware of the existence of their brother. They're pretty well-off, hard-working, and are very good at creating lucrative and beneficial schemes to make money while also using the skills they value most. They're sometimes very hyperactive and sweet, sometimes coming off as almost childish and immature even if they actually know quite a lot about how to be a functional and healthy human being. They also have biological mimicry and a long, blue prehensile tail.

So, friends are definitely going to be other musicians and artists again. They're probably pretty active in QUILTBAG and Gifted social issues, especially issues with people who are more visibly other (like themselves with their tail). They often likely conduct ways to raise for charity using their youtube channel. People who know of or follow them on youtube or buy their music would also be considered friends of a sort, I think. As far as enemies, it's probably people who are judgmental and those who would hate people like them or those who willfully misgender them (they understand of those who do so unknowingly). I don't see them entertaining the idea of engaging people who hate them, though. Life is too short and doing enough good things will likely drown them out. Finally, for lovers, Kota's a bit inexperienced sexually, but I think they are pansexual. They're very confident in their appearance and carriage and some might find them cocky for this reason, but they're genuinely just very set in how they feel and letting themselves be so. For the most part, as long as those they like are consenting, attractive, and of age, they'll likely pursue them (and stop should someone ask them to stop too). I don't see much happening in the past here, but it's possible.

Harrison "Harry" Blake:

So, here we’ve got Harry Blake. He’s a 32-year-old pre-school teacher who works at a bakery in the evenings and nights to make ends meet. He’s also the bassist in Get Up Girl (or GUG) and the initial proponent and driving force behind the band. He’s dedicated and hard worker with a creative streak a mile wide and a tendency towards outrageous shenanigans when he has the time for them. Harry’s also got the history of being a pervert and pretty much hits on anyone that breathes (as long as they look legal anyway). He’s prone to pressing buttons, which he enjoys, but he does try to keep himself in line at times. He’s Gifted (Elasticity only), but he’s so far in the closet about his Gift that not even his bandmates or close friends know about it because he fears so much about one day being the guy in one of those articles with titles like “Teacher Fired For Revealed Gifted Status.”

As far as potential relationships, friends are totally accepted, whether they happen to be people he’s met through work, through his time in school, or through GUG and the music scene. He’s pretty friendly and an energetic, seemingly positive guy for all his pick-up lines. He loves working with and being around kids, though. He genuinely loves his job (frustrating as it can be sometimes) and has been known in the past to take on the role as a semi-free babysitter (read: paid in brownies or pizza) by his friends. As far as enemies go, I’m sure some qualify here. He hides his tattoos and clearly alternative appearance well because of his job, but I’m sure more than a few parents might not like him if they ever learned how much ink he has. Others might also find him creepy because of his perverted nature, especially since sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop and occasionally needs a good wake-up call to back up. Oh, and romance? He’s pretty busy and would really have to make some serious time for a legitimate relationship to work. Despite being pretty openly pansexual, he has trouble developing actual romantic affection and may be aromantic. He mostly works best in open and non-committal relationships, so I imagine it’s mostly flings or friends who just happen to be as non-committal as him will probably work best… with maybe a few attempts at real relationships in the mix. I’d love to write out something with him that is an attempt that fails really badly, of course, whether it’s because he’s not a romantic person or just because he will usually flirt with others even in a committed relationship. If someone really wants something serious… ask, but please know it may not work out.

For Grady Park:

This is Grady Park. As far as anyone else knows, that’s his name and that’s always been his name. He’s a twenty-year-old mechanic who does carpentry work on the side to help make ends meet. He lives in a small apartment with his younger sister, Alexis, who is still in school. Grady’s Gifted with Superhuman Speed and Invulnerability, but he’s pretty closeted about it. He’s an intelligent kid who loves to read and often frequents libraries and book shops when he can, even if he sometimes feels like he’s a failure for still having not gone to college. He’s resourceful and often willing to do many sordid things if it means protecting his younger sister. They claim that their parents died in a boating accident, leaving them behind to take care of themselves. The truth is stranger than fiction, however, but it might be hard for them to admit it.

So, as far as friends go, I do kind of want him to have a fair few of these as I imagine his friends are make him what feel some sort of sane as he lives this weird double-life he’s had to make for himself and his sister. Other mechanics, carpenters, and the like can totally and definitely apply for this, but I really think that other Gifteds (especially more open ones) could really benefit him so he can learn that not everyone who is Gifted acts like the world is a dog-eat-dog one. So, enemies are a bit harder. He’s a bit nervous around law enforcement of any kind for obvious reasons and he’s very judgmental of the NOOC. I don’t see him making enemies as it is so important for him to keep on the down-low, but people can still totally dislike him for any reason they like. And love? That’s a bit complicated, mostly because I’m pretty sure he isn’t entirely aware of his own sexuality as a thing yet. In high school, he was just trying too hard to survive that hell to care much for anything else. Afterwards, he’s just been too busy trying to keep his little family afloat… Now that he’s at least easing up some, there’s some actual potential for things to happen and if anyone’s interested in trying, eh… go ahead.
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