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Andrea Michaels


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Jan 6 2016, 06:06 PM
"Text Andy here."
Jan 6 2016, 05:45 PM
"Hey this is Andy. Hit me up if you got something to say. If not, don't. Peace."
Jan 11 2015, 08:41 PM

28 | Government Agent/Band Member | Female | Resident

Andrea "Andy" Michaels was one word. Ambition. From the time she was young, she wanted to be the best at everything she did. Her parents, wealthy business people, encouraged this trait from the time she was extremely little, putting her in beauty pageants and other sorts of competitions to foster this competitive spirit in her. In high school, she was the straight laced, goody two shoes that most people did not like because she ruined the grading curves and never let anyone get away with anything. In college it was much the same; she didn't approve of those who broke the law or even slightly bent the rules. As such, she spent a lot of time reporting the things she saw and earning herself a name as someone to not trust or like. She didn't have many friends, but she had her educational success and that mattered more to her.

Eventually, Andrea chose to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Intelligence and Undercover division. There, she learned to put her drive for success to work,, learning to fight (tae kwon do), use a gun, work undercover and other such skills under stressful conditions. She became quite a legend in her department, often called a chameleon, as she seemed to change constantly to fit the persona she needed. Her success grew as she worked her way through the division and was acknowledged for her work. About 5 years after joining the RCMP originally, she was approached by an obscure, top secret branch of the government that was loosely connected to the RCMP. They offered her a position with them: finding and secretly registering people with gifted powers, for their own protection of course. She didn't believe that such things were possible at first, but eventually she not only grew to like her new job, she was good at it.

A year or two into that job, Andrea was given a surprising assignment: Henry West. The organization wasn't sure if he was gifted or not as he showed strange, but interesting signs. So they sent her undercover to monitor him. She became a member of his fledgling band as lead guitarist (a random hobby she'd picked up in college but never told anyone about until that moment). She adjusted fairly well into the group, becoming a good friend of them and eventually confirming Henry's status as gifted. However, she was ordered to stay where she was, told to gather more information about gifteds that she came into contact with and file it away for the organization.

It has been over a years since she was made to go undercover with Henry's band. She hasn't told anyone of her job, acting quite easily as the almost punk rock guitarist she was acting as. She hasn't even admitted to herself that she actually prefers her life as Andy the guitar player. It suits her far more than the ambitious Andrea ever did. But she's got a duty and a responsibility to her job…too bad she's recently had cause to at least slightly doubt the motivations behind her employer's efforts...

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