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Jun 25 2015, 12:01 AM
So, I'm usually pretty mobile, right? Like, I'm only on my laptop on days I can get on it (usually on days off).

Well, my phone is super dead. Like it's at 2% charge and will no longer charge at all dead.

I put in an order for a new phone today and it should come in by Tuesday or so next week.

I should still be around, just not as much for the next little bit. I'll keep ya'll updated, but this should be fixed soon.

- Boston
Jun 12 2015, 11:27 PM
Unlike the 'what is your character listening to' thread, I wanted to put out there some music for that really gets character muse going - maybe we'll find new songs/bands we like in the process too.

As a general rule, Poets of the Fall of any song or album really gets me to be able to write and so does Fall Out Boy. I linked to totally non-specific but memorized and loved songs as examples for those.

But for specific characters!

Henry really likes steampunk music like Abney Park and Steam-Powered Giraffe. He also really loves Starset. If you can guess, he tends towards bands with a little theatrics to their presentation/music, especially if they're a little eclectic.

Sebastian loves Nothing More, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and Imagine Dragons. He tends to like heavier bands with harder rock/metal sort of sounds, especially if they write sort of heavier lyrics, or ones that he feels he can connect with on some level.

Dakota really likes Owl City, Ron Pope, and Lindsey Sterling. They love lighter, almost upbeat stuff, and I may have based the violinist youtuber concept a little on Lindsey's work, so that's more or less something like what their original work sounds like too.

And Harrison really likes Florence And The Machine, Delta Rae, David Guetta, and Sia. For some reason, he gravitates towards female artists more - or at least artists that collab with women more?
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