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 Posted: Dec 28 2013, 12:21 AM
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Setting Information

Moose, Eh? is set in a Vancouver, Canada based world that reflects our own modern times...except for the fact that many of the citizens possess super hero like powers. Here at Moose, Eh? members will find that this world is often prejudice and cautious towards those with gifts, especially those in positions of power, such as those in politics, criminal organizations and even those in the entertainment industry. Members can choose to play gifted or non gifted humans of all ages and backgrounds and are encouraged to explore different dynamics found within this fictional world.

In the world of ME?, gifts are widely known and gifted people often face discrimination due to the dangerous nature of their some of their gifts. Gifted people often have to work harder in order to achieve their career and personal goals, and sometimes have trouble finding housing and government assistance due to their background. Currently in this world, there is talk of the government creating a registry of gifted people in hopes of trying to control gifted people. Recently, the government has created an agency to keep track of gifted folks who have dangerous gifts such as psionic control and concussion beams, requiring them to check in twice a year in case of gift related disasters and incidents.

Gifts usually present themselves when a child reaches puberty and has been "activated" by an emotional event. In this world, gifts seem to be genetic and run in families. However, gifts can be recessive and pop up randomly. Gifted people in this world usually have one or two gifts, but never more than three.

Non gifted people don't face discrimation based on their lack of power; in fact, not having a gift places one into power socially and grants them privilege much much like white people face in our day to day world. Non gifted people have a much easier time finding work, places to live, obtaining necessary licences, and obtaining positions of power.

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